Kefir pronounced Kee-fur or Keh-fear


Pronounce it how you want but this fermented milk drink will do wonders for your gut! 


When most people think of Kefir, they think of cows milk or goats milk but dairy is not the only thing you can ferment.  You can make it with coconut milk, rice milk or even water.

Legend has it that Kefir originated centuries ago in the mountains between Russia and Georgia.  The nomads of this area used Kefir grains to ferment their milk in goatskin bags and in this way preserving it. 


Kefir milk forms an effervescent beverage with many health benefits and is known as "the champagne of milk."

Research has shown that regular consumption of cultured dairy products lowers cholesterol and protects against bone loss


In addition, cultured dairy products provide beneficial bacteria and lactic acid to the digestive tract.  These friendly creatures and their by-product keep pathogens at bay, guard against infectious illness and aid in the fullest possible digestion of all food we consume. 


Perhaps this is why so many traditional societies value fermented milk products for their health promoting properties and insist on giving them to the sick, the aged and nursing mothers. 


Kefir provides essential protection against infectious disease