Single Batch Water Kefir

Water Kefir

Naturally, fermented

I am often asked...'how do you ferment water'?? With a slight giggle, well you start with the grains or 'scoby' , and you keep them happy and well fed!

A note on my STYLE of kefir -  Intentionally DRY

Sugar is required for fermentation, as that is what the grains feed off.  However the grains only consume so much sugar during the process - so any additional sugar only goes into the end product.   My goal and style is for a bone dry beverage that is naturally fizzy.  So if you have a sweet tooth, it will be a acquired taste!

Original Flavour

Available in One litre and 500 ml

When I next print labels... I am going to change the name of this to

'Be Original' as that's the intention with this one.  Flavour it yourself by adding about 1/3 cup (per litre) of your favourite juice - close the bottle back up and leave out of the fridge until the bottle gets hard as a rock - they you know its fizzy!  Be creative!

Of course... i have heard.....that many people find the Original - refreshing on its own! 

Red Hibiscus

Hibiscus herbal tea infusion with a hint of organic cinnamon and a little something extra for a bit of a kick!

Rich in vitamin C and its supposed to relax you and a whole bunch of other claimed health benefits.  I say don't drink it because its good for you - just drink it because its good!!

Available in 500 ml only

Fresh Ginger

Fresh Ginger....

This one's really easy - I simply juice ... well you got it fresh ginger... through the Oscar Juicer (not sure the average juicer can manage ginger so be aware!).  A hint of ginger and you have an old fashion-like ginger soda!  Low to zero sugar a bit of fizz and lots of  WOW!

I have... on a few occasions ... seen the staff at (i won't mention the retailers)  dancing a jig when i bring fresh stock - telling me its their absolute best!

Available in 500 ml only

My Fancy


Well, what is life if you can't have a bit of fun and shake things up a bit!  Hence My Fancy... its what i Fancy making this week!  It keeps me humoured and there are some really keen folk out in the Milnerton area that 'really get it' so thanks for the feedback on that! 

Flavours in the line up include (but not limited to)


Pomegranate & Ginger

Butterfly Pea (also known as Blue Matcha) 

Blueberry & Lavender

Rosehip & Acai

Dragon Fruit

ETC .........!

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